Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

To arrange a Baptism, Wedding, or Funeral, Contact Revd Paul Weary on 07442 088924 or email him at


How do we go about getting our child baptised? - Parents wishing to have their child/ren baptised should approach our minister, Revd Paul Weary, who will be happy to explain what is involved.


We are a warm, friendly church. Our premises are ideal for your perfect day and we have a lovely garden for taking your photographs.

What is the first step? - Your first step is to contact our minister, Revd Paul Weary, who will be able to guide you through the process.

One of us is divorced. Is that OK? - Here at Bush Hill Park our minister is willing to marry people who have been divorced, while their previous spouse is still alive, if there are no major, obvious reasons why it would be inappropriate to do so.

What if we are from two different denominations? - Many marriages include people from different Christian denominations and we welcome ministers from other churches to take part in the ceremony. Revd Paul Weary is able to give advice on marriages of couples from different faiths.


How do we arrange a funeral? - It is helpful to contact Revd Paul Weary before booking the time and date of the service to ensure availability.

Taking funerals is an important part of Revd Paul Weary's ministry and he will take the time to visit families, offering comfort and support before and after the funeral.